• Learn different perspectives on RI in a small course group
  • Become part of an international group of like-minded PhD students
  • Gain international research experience

Why this certificate program

With the current technological developments and the challenges that the world faces, responsible research and innovation is more important than ever before. We need scholars and professionals that have had a well-rounded, multidisciplinary training in this complex and challenging field.

In the International Doctoral Certificate Program in Responsible Innovation, leading research groups in the USA and the EU have joined forces to give their PhD students the best possible training and the opportunity to gain an international perspective on the topic.


about this program

{[Being part of a small, international group of participants]
was one of the most enriching parts of the program
and it broadened my awareness and scholarship.
I realized I have some cultural blind spots to address.

{I was telling colleagues about it during the entire experience.
I think the opportunity is relevant, generative, and very valuable.
{The small group courses were nice
because there was enough room for discussions
and meeting one another.
{The activities were great. Nice mix of
small group and invidividual.
I really appreciated the organizers support.
The faculty lecturers were fantastic.